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The Collaboration Robot for Everyone

Swivl is a robotic mobile accessory, app and cloud service made to help anyone use video to create and share knowledge content, get feedback on skills and collaborate remotely.


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Effective Observations

Easily record teacher AND student interactions for a holistic understanding of the classroom. With deeper insights, teachers are empowered to make meaningful changes in the classroom.

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Easy to Use

Using Swivl is easy. It also saves you time and effort by keeping your data organized and secured. We make it fun for everyone, even students! #GoSwivl

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Sustainable Initiatives

Swivl is essential in fostering a culture of collaborative feedback and support. Engaged and supported teachers grow together for long-lasting success.

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K-12 Institutions

Swivl’s video observation solutions provide best data, lead to better instructional decisions in classrooms, and ultimately create a pocket of excellence among the educators in your organization.

Schools of Education

Evolve costly and infrequent in-person observations into more consistent coaching and feedback to student-teachers to develop best practices around regular self-reflection through video.

Swivl products

Perfect for Presentations

Swivl follows the speaker for hands-free video recording, captures the presentation projected to the audience, and records the audience members at the same time!

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Swivling in 40,000 Classrooms and Universities Worldwide