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ActivBoard Touch

Available in 78″ & 88″

The ActivBoard Touch combines multi-touch functionality, dry-erase writing, and award-winning software to foster a truly interactive learning experience. It provides teachers with a wide range of tools to support their daily instruction at an affordable price.

multi touch icon

Multi-Touch Display

Multi-user interactivity with 10 simultaneous touch points and two styluses.

dry erase surface

Dry-Erase Surface

Provides teachers and students with a 3-in-1 surface that offers optimal viewing, multi-user interaction, and dry-erase writing.

plug in icon

Plug & Play Design

Connect a computer to the ActivBoard Touch to power on the system and instantly get started.

promethean boards
Ideal Mounting Configurations

Promethean offers wall-mounted and mobile stands with an ultra-short throw projector. The wall mount system and mobile system are compatible with the 78″ and 88″ size. The adjustable system is available with the 88″ size.

warranty icon
5-year warranty
interactivity icon
Up to 10 touch points
Operating System icon
OS Compatibility
Windows®, Mac OS™, Linux™
multi touch icon
78″ and 88″ sizes available
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