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Swivl Robot

What is Swivl?

Swivl provides the best video data capture and most flexible software to help achieve your organization, teacher, and student goals.

Swivl Multi Microphone


Record independent audio channels to easily record teacher AND student interactions. Hear every voice in the classroom.

Swivl Multi Camera


Record multiple videos to capture small group interactions. See and hear everyone for a holistic understanding of the classroom.

Swivl is the world leader in video observation technology.


C Series Robot and Markers

Swivl rotates to follow the teacher and record video and audio. Upgrade to Multi-Microphone to capture audio of teachers and students. Use the Floor Stand for optimal recording height.

Swivl with computer

Cloud Accounts and Apps

Select Pro or Pro+ accounts for your Team to enable the right feature set for your school. The Swivl app records the teacher, the Swivl + Student app records the students. iOS, Android, and Chromebook.

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