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Aim Up’s high-tech educational products can take students of all ages to higher levels. Schools and training centers equipped with Aim Up’s products make lessons come alive. Elementary school children, high school students, college degree-seekers and adults in the workplace all learn effortlessly. Each interactive lesson is presented in living color, real sound and lots of action. No one is slowed down by lack of reading ability, prior knowledge or imagination. People, places and things on-screen help students study everything from math or chemistry to poetry and history.


Paired with Aim Up's Swivl Robot, Aim Up can help educators turn ordinary classrooms into 21st-century learning labs. As teachers follow up each lesson viewed on a Promethean ActivPanel and answer students’ questions, all the action can be recorded and reviewed later. Students retain subject matter with more than one medium and the use of multiple learning styles to reach their full potential.

Swivl Robot

About Us

Promethean ActivPanel


To provide the latest teaching and learning tools, technology, training, and support, along with excellent customer service and timely assistance, for educators and their students.


To lead the field in providing technical training, teaching and learning tools that improve education in Michigan.


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