Swivl Cloud Subscriptions

The following table outlines the subscription levels and features of Swivl Cloud.


Standard | Free

A great introduction for experimenting with video observations with only limited sharing capabilities. Ideal for students, teachers, etc.


Pro | $50


For users who want a tool that allows them to thrive in the classroom. All the features needed for basic video observations in the classroom.


Pro Plus | $150


For teachers who want a holistic view of the classroom. Create individualized feedback for every student using Multi-Camera.

Dual-Camera Recording

Ability to record two cameras and view recording side-by-side for easy review and feedback.

One-way time stamped comments

Comment on your own videos for self-reflection.

Sign in with Google

Sign in to Swivl Cloud easily with your Google account. Perfect for users of Google Classroom and Google Apps for Education.

Unlisted link sharing

Create a unique, shareable URL for your video. Copy and paste the link into an email, website within social media, to share access to your videos. Note: Videos are not catalogued by search engines.

Secure and private viewing

Join a list created by a pro cloud users to watch videos and engage in group discussions.

Editing for in-platform viewing

Trim the beginning or end off a video. Save a segment of a project as a separate video or download videos to your computer as an mp4.

Unlimited storage

Never worry about space! Upload and store an unlimited number of videos of any length.

All Standard Features

All Standard Subscription features are included.

Screen Recording

Record your desktop and Swivl at the same time.


Use the Primary Marker to Bookmark a key moment in real-time during recording.

Smart Playback

Automatically switch audio playback to the closest Marker AND skip periods of silence to save time.

Private and List sharing

Share with individuals or groups with private sharing (limit 200 Standard users)

Personalized viewing analytics

Get feedback on who watched your video and how much they watched. Great for tracking student viewing for flipped class.

Two-way time-stamped comments

Annotate content before sending then get feedback from viewers for skill development and engage in dialogue about content both privately and publicly.

Editing for export

Trim your video and export it to Youtube or download it to another device.

Clone projects

Handoff ownership of your project to another user.

Auto-Microphone Playback

Automatically switch to the most dominant microphone.

Merge Videos

Merge up to three individual video files into one.

Slide production for export

Produce video and slide projects into one exportable video using one of several formats (ex. PIP, side by side, etc).


Get the html shortcode and embed Swivl videos in other platforms like your LMS, blog, and more. Comes with password control.

Priority Support

Get answers to your technical questions faster.

All Pro features

All Pro Subscription features are included.

5-screen recording

Record up to 5 video sources simultaneously for a holistic classroom view.

Sign in with Google

Sign in to Swivl Cloud easily with your Google account. Perfect for users of Google Classroom and Google Apps for Education.

Multi-screen viewer

Patented multi-video viewer that helps find the right student insights.

Chromebook recording support

Use Chromebook and laptops to record additional video sources around the classroom.

All video stream export

Download or export all original video source content to other platforms with an easy workflow.