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Professional Development
for Educators by Educators

The Promethean Professional Development Team offers a wide range of consultation services to help educators effectively implement immersive technologies that transform learning environments and support student achievement.

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Our course offering is driven by best practices that are specifically designed to provide educators with hands-on experiences.

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Earn Your Badge

Learn how you can earn unique badges by completing Promethean Professional Development courses and attending events.

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Learn Promethean

Visit the Learn Promethean page for a collection of resources that will help you get started on your Promethean journey.

Promethean Training

Personalized Training by Teachers

At the heart of the Promethean Professional Development program is a wide offering of experiences and events, developed and delivered by teachers, and driven by best practices to assist educators with designing lessons and activities that support instructional engagement.

All Promethean Education Consultants are Google™ Certified Level 2 Educators and possess extensive experience in teaching, curriculum development, and education leadership.

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All Promethean Education Consultants are Google Level 2 Certified Educators
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Our Consultants have trained over 40,000 teachers in 2017
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The team possesses over 140 years of combined teaching experience
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