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iPad document Camera Stand.Includes: Electronic Module and Flexible Light

Justand V2e

SKU: 99600
  • Quite possibly the most useful and versatile iPad® stand ever made!

    The Justand transforms your iPad® into a scanner, a document camera, a video camera holder, a video conference center, a music stand, an iPad® podium and much more!

    • Electronics Module includes

    1.  Includes two USB charging ports
    2. fast-charge your iPad®
    3. includes 1 Flexible Light
    4. power and charge optional JustBob speaker (not included)
    • It Fits!

    The Justand was designed to fit instantly with just about any iPad® case without removing the case. It works great with the iPad®, iPad® Mini and Android Tablets.

    • Creative Engineering

     We tried to cover every angle in our design, from flexibility to ease of use, to instant mobility. The Justand will instantly adjust from an iPad® mini on its side all the way out to a full size iPad® in landscape mode, even with a large protective case such as an OtterBox. Our design is fast, flexible, and will adjust to any iPad® in just about any iPad® case.

     Compatible with the iPad® 2, 3 and 4, iPad® Mini, iPad® Air.
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