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48 inch iPad floor stand

Justand Tall

SKU: 99505
  • Standing 48" high the Justand Tall is a floor stand for your iPad® designed to be a podium, a document camera stand, and can be configured to serve various needs.  The all-aluminum base is strong, yet relatively light, so that it can easily be moved around the room.  The form factor of the Justand Tall allows you to slide the base under a chair, couch, or desk/table for convenient positioning.  Rotate the iPad® holding arm all the way up to a vertical position to use the Justand Tall as a tripod when taking pictures or shooting video.  Slide the iPad® holding arm down along the pole for variations in height.

    • It Fits!

    The Justand was designed to fit instantly with just about and iPad® case without removing the case. It works great with the iPad®, iPad® Mini and some Android Tablets.

    • Creative Engineering 

    We tried to cover every angle in our design, from flexibility to ease of use. The Justand will instantly adjust from an iPad® mini on it’s side all the way out to a full size iPad® in landscape mode even with a large protective case such as an OtterBox. Our design is fast, flexible, and will adjust to any iPad® in just about any iPad® case. 

    Compatible with the iPad® 2, 3 and 4, iPad® Mini, iPad® Air

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